Popplet — for Mind Mapping, Sharing and Presenting

Tools are only valuable to the extent that they facilitate tasks that need doing. That being said, here’s an tool that I believe can be valuable to learners and their teachers everywhere!

popplet is more than the online mind mapping application it seems at first glance. It also offers an effective way of sharing and presenting. An important added bonus is the iOS app that makes this tool available on all iDevices.

Take a look at what I just created. I’ve incorporated several images and a video. I could have drawn, or sketched, into any of the nodes if I’d wished to do that. It is worth noting that mind-maps created in Popplet’s browser version can be embedded anywhere with ease.

[I sure wish there wouldn’t be a big blank space here if you are viewing on an iPad, but in its misguided wisdom Apple insists. Please scroll down for more about how you can use Popplet on an iDevice.]

Popplet’s presentation mode works well, and sets it apart from other mind mapping applications. It opens as shown below.

Once presentation mode is open, simply click on the ‘record’ button to number the nodes in the order in which you want to present them. Then click on the ‘present’ button, and each node will enlarge to fill the screen. The arrow buttons on the keyboard move forward or backward through the presentation.

There are two versions of the Popplet iOS app.  Popplet Lite allows the creation and storage of only one presentation on the iDevice at a time. The full Popplet app ($4.99) allows for storage of as many mind-maps as you wish.

This video from iPadagogy does a nice job of demonstrating how to use Popplet Lite on the iPad. The process for creating mind maps is almost the same in the browser version.