MangoReader Brings Books to Life Almost Everywhere

The term ‘cross-platform’ has added meaning in the era of tablets and eBook readers. Here’s an application that is available on any computer that runs the Google Chrome web browser. The app is available from the Chrome Web Store, as well as for Android, iOS and Amazon devices!

MangoReader is an interactive eBook reader from India that runs on almost any tablet or conventional computer. The app is free, as are many of the titles in the MangoReader Store. Prices for most other books are not more than $0.99.  Most books are in English, but a few Hindi titles are also available. The majority of the books are stories for young learners, but a growing number of Indian text books are offered for secondary classes as well.

Although MangoReader is intended primarily for the Indian market, many books in the MangoReader store would enrich learners from any culture. Check out the free ‘Vayu the Wind’ as an excellent example. One page of that book is shown below, as it appears in the Google Chrome app.

As is the case with most MangoReader stories, this one is read aloud beautifully by a child while the word being read is tracked. There are options for highlighting text, for taking notes, for looking up definitions of words, and more. Textbooks include videos and other interactive material.