TalkTyper – Amazing Speech-to-Text in Google Chrome!

For anyone who would benefit from convenient free speech-to-text, here’s the best reason yet for using Google Chrome! This application is so good, I was completely blown away when Patrick Black of Teaching All Students, shared it with me via Twitter early yesterday morning.

TalkTyper is not an add-in for Google Chrome, but it’s a web-based application that functions only in Chrome. It offers powerful voice recognition, enhanced by several helpful features. It works well with my laptop’s built in mic, even in environments that are far from noise-free.

UPDATE: Install Chrome extension Adblock Plus to automatically remove ads that may be inappropriate in a school setting.

The screenshot below shows the user interface. Dictated text goes into the upper box, where it can be listened to and edited. Once the user is satisfied, the text is sent to the lower box where it is collected for use wherever desired. It seems to work best to dictate one sentence at a time, and it works quite well to dictate the desired punctuation.

Dictation appears to be available in 18 languages, if you count US and UK English as two languages. I tried my rather poor French, and I was pleasantly surprised when TalkTyper understood!

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