Speech Recognizer — Voice-to-Text in Google Chrome

[Please also see my more recent post on TalkTyper, an even better Voice-to-Text option for Google Chrome.] 

The more I use it, the better I like Google Chrome.  It is without question my preferred browser now. It’s extremely fast and versatile.  Best of all, there are numerous add-ons that facilitate access.  Here’s another one for users who may have difficulty using a keyboard.  A major bonus with this one is that it can be used even when the computer is not online.

Speech Recognizer is a Chrome app that provides a text box for using Chrome’s built-in speech recognition to create text.  Once the text has been “written”, it can be copied and pasted anywhere.  S

After the app has been downloaded from the Web Store and installed, the icon to activate is found in the list of apps that appears when you open a new browser tab, as shown below. Chrome ‘apps’ are slightly different from ‘extensions’ in this regard.  Icons for extensions are found just to the right of browser’s address and search bar.

It could not be easier to use this voice recognition app.  Once the app is open, click on the microphone and dictate a sentence.  Then click on the button to add the dictated text to the text box.

Text from the text box can be edited, then copied and pasted anywhere.  I have had no difficulty dictating end-of-sentence punctuation, but I have been unable to capitalize or add formatting.

7 thoughts on “Speech Recognizer — Voice-to-Text in Google Chrome

  1. Paul,
    Your edublog is absolutely amazing. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and treasures with us.
    Please help me understand how you post the little icon of your treasures. I started creating a website for Learning Support and I would like to borrow some of your posts there, of course giving credit to the author and to you. So, if I want to take the google crome one and post it there what are the steps for doing that?
    Thank you for your time and support.


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  3. I’ve just discovered Speech Recognizer a few hours ago, so I decided to try it out and it works with my laptop computer. In fact I’ll use it to write a book about my childhood which would be published when done. My sister gave me a Dragon voice recognizer software DVD for Christmas, but when I tried to download it a message popped up saying “Processor speed is inadequate for Dragon”. I contacted both Dragon and the computer technicians and they told me that I’d have to buy a new computer to use Dragon. To use Dragon you need a special computer. You don’t need a special computer for the Google Chrome Speech Recognizer-it works with any Windows or MAC computer. I’ll stick with the Google Chrome Speech Recognizer from now on and return the Dragon software DVD to my sister. I most highly recommend the Google Chrome Speech Recognizer for typing with your voice.

  4. The program seem to be very good but is no more on web store. Could you post a direct link please?

  5. Ferdinando. You are correct in that Speech Recognizer seemed to disappear from the App Store for a while. I tried unsuccessfully to contact the developer, but this wonderful app has returned anyway. So, all is well again!

  6. Hi Paul;

    Great blog, thanks for the effort that goes into it.

    I’ve been looking into speech to text for one of our employees who cannot use a keyboard. We are an all linux organization, so most of the packaged products don’t fly for us. I found speech recognizer, which is good, but I also found the VoiceNote chrome app which seems pretty awesome too. It does capitalize the beginning of each phrase or paragraph. With both, the recording stops after a certain pause. It would be nice if one could manually adjust the pause time to allow longer composition times. Is that possible in Speech Recognizer?

    Have you tried VoiceNote?

    Best Regards;


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