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Yesterday, I wrote about Awesome Highlighter. I had no sooner posted than I realized I neglected to mention a helpful feature. There is a Firefox add-on for Awesome Highlighter that can be installed directly from the website. Today, I want to write briefly about that add-on. While I’m at it, I also want to discuss the advent of Firefox 3 and some short-term implications on using Firefox add-ons.

To learn about Awesome Highlighter, and using it as a study aid, please read what I wrote about that yesterday. For anyone who finds Awesome Highlighter useful, the Firefox add-on makes it more convenient. When the add-on is installed, a button appears next to the Google search bar. (In my case that’s alongside buttons for my Piclens and Skype add-ons.

When you click on the AH button, it brings up the Awesome Highlighter toolbar and gives you all the options of the application. This saves you the trouble of going to the website each time you want to use it. This is invaluable for anyone using Awesome Highlighter on a regular basis. I have been very pleasantly surprised to discover that the Awesome Highlighter add-on works fine in the recently released Firefox 3.

But there is still a problem with some Firefox add-ons. They don’t yet work in Firefox 3. As of today, June 26th, this is still the case with CliCk,Speak, the text-to-speech add-on that allows any page open in Firefox to be read aloud. (I’m pleased to say that Accessibar is now compatible with Firefox 3. Since it is a little difficult to find it, I’ve used Awesome Highlighter to highlight the download link HERE.)

If you, or someone you know has already downloaded Firefox 3 and discovered that essential add-ons won’t work, there is a solution to tide you over until the add-ons you need are updated. You can uninstall Firefox 3, and re-install a previous version. You can’t download previous versions directly from Mozilla, but you can get one HERE at I suggest that you use Version You shouldn’t need to worry about losing bookmarks or other personal information because this is normally stored separate from the program on your computer.

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  1. Thanks for the mention of these very useful tools Paul, I’ll definitely be using awesome highlighter and await the development of clickspeak.

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