ThingLink – Versatile Option for Presenting and Sharing Online Information

I generally don’t recommend anything here until I’ve spent time doing hands-on exploration. Now that I’ve finally made time to play with ThingLink and ThingLink Education, I wish I’d done so sooner!

ThingLink is a simple but powerful tool for presenting collections of links to online material. You start by uploading or importing an image. You then create hotspots on the image that link to sites you wish to include. It couldn’t be much easier to create or share with ThingLink. I think the opportunity to embed is especially worthwhile. Here’s what I put together in just a few minutes. Hotspots become visible when you move your cursor over the image.

[It is noteworthy that embedded ThingLinks open on Apple's iDevices, and hotspots are made visible by touching the image.]

ThingLink offers both free and paid options. The free version allows up to 50 images. Teachers can get a 67% discount on the ‘Plus Plan’, with up to 500 images.

As I was writing this, Richard Byrne posted a great example that shows the creative potential of ThingLink. Richard also linked to an earlier post of his entitled 26+ Ways to Use ThingLink in the Classroom.

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