Android 4.0 Will Make Phones and Tablets More Accessible for Blind & Low Vision Users

I’ve mentioned here that I have little experience with Android hand-held devices.  I’ve also said I’m keen to change that.  I’m keeping my eye on the Asus Transformer Prime Tablet.  This tablet is set to be released next week in the US with Android 3.2, but it will be  upgradeable to Android 4.0, aka ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’.  The new Android operating system has grabbed my attention, almost as much as the new tablet itself.

The developers of Android 4.0 have clearly taken accessibility seriously, at least for individuals who are blind or who face the challenges of low vision. During the past week, Google Nexus has released two videos that demonstrate accessibility features that will be available on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone.  It looks to me as though the developers of Android 4.0 have done well. Hopefully, we’ll soon have some authentic reviews by users who are blind and who have low vision.

Check out the videos I’ve embedded below and see what you think.