OSCD Interactive Games (online resource)

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I’m highlighting another online resource that has been around since before the advent of the Read/Write Web. According to the copyright date, it looks as though this site has been facilitating user-generated content since 2002. This is a site where teachers or parents can create interactive online learning activities, with an individual URL for each activity. Kudos to Kathleen J. Chamberlain and Mark Cogan of the Oswego City School District for being in the Vanguard of the Web 2.0 movement!


OSCD Ineractive Games offers a platform for creating and sharing a variety of interactive online learning activities. The user interface for creating the activities is straightforward and user-friendly, with very clear instructions. Each activity is saved and assigned a unique URL. This means the activity is available for multiple users, and can be used again for review or re-enforcement at a later date.

OSCD Interactive Games is perfect for tailor-making classroom activities with specific content. It is ideal for differentiated instruction where content needs to be varied. It is probably best suited for learners at the elementary level, with most activities being some variation on matching. A multiple choice quiz builder is also available.

Here’s the link to a simple matching activity that I created in just a couple of minutes. The screen shot below shows the user interface for creating this activity.


As a bonus, this site contains about 60 pre-made math drill activities. These may be used as-is, or they can be used as templates for creating your own activities.