MyScript Calculator: a “Handwriting Calculator” for iOS and Android

I have difficulty writing numbers and mathematical symbols legibly if I’m required to use pen or pencil, and am not able to make the characters very large. I know that I’m not alone in this regard. Now there is a way for anyone to use finger or stylus to enter handwritten numbers and symbols into a calculator on an Android or iOS handheld device. On a tablet, I can make the figures large enough to be almost legible!

MyScript Calculator is a free app for both Android and  iOS devices from VisionObjects. It offers a “handwriting calculator” that works remarkably well. I’ve only tested it with my finger, not a stylus, but the app has no difficulty understanding my rather large and somewhat messy scrawl. The calculator works just as well for basic computation as it does for more complex mathematics.

I’ve embedded a video below that does a nice job of illustrating what this app can do. The video shows the app on Android. When I tried it on my iPad, it functioned identically. Numerical expressions can be copied easily and used in other apps.

2 thoughts on “MyScript Calculator: a “Handwriting Calculator” for iOS and Android

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  2. I had a great experience on using this.Now there no need for pencils or pens to work out manually.If get a chance jus try on this.

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