SlideTalk Gives Voice–Beautifully–To Your Pictures and PowerPoint Presentations

I don’t think learners can have too many options when it comes to sharing what they think, or showing what they know. Here’s an option that I think is well worth considering.

SlideTalk is a service where you upload either sets of images, or complete PowerPoint presentations. Once uploaded, SlideTalk adds narration via high quality text to speech that can be customized for pronunciation, reading rate, voice timbre and more. There are at least 17 languages available, and multiple voices are available for most languages. You can even  change voices or languages within a presentation.

Once a video is produced, it is automatically published to Youtube. SlideTalk’s free service offers up to 6 “slidetalks”.  There is supposed to be a limit of 12 slides for slidetalks created with a free account, but I was able to publish one with more.

Recently, Gary Bishop has beautifully updated the Tar Heel Reader site. I’ll be writing more about that here soon. I’ve used two stories from Tar Heel Reader, downloaded as PowerPoint files, to try with SlideTalk. This worked  extremely well, and these are embedded below as Youtube videos. At the bottom of the post, is a video from SlideTalk that explains the service.

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