CruxLight Summarizes Online Content and Removes Distracting Clutter

The Internet is the first place learners of all ages now go when wanting to learn about something. One challenge for many is that there is too much information on some web sites. A compounding factor can be the way a web page is laid out. Sidebars, headers and advertising can make it difficult for a learner to focus on what he or she is after.  I’ve just discovered a Google Chrome extension that can help in a big way. It has potential to be an invaluable study or research tool.

CruxLight is a Google Chrome extension that summarizes content in web based articles and that can eliminate distracting clutter. When CruxLight is installed, it automatically summarizes web pages by highlighting the most important information in an article. The toolbar shown here appears at the bottom of web pages, and the slider can be adjusted to determine how much information the summary contains. Shown below the toolbar is a default summary.

By clicking on the ‘Change Mode’ button, a new page opens that contains only the summary, minus distracting clutter. This is illustrated below.

When CruxLight re-formats a page, the user may select a medium length summary or a de-cluttered version of the entire article. Helpfully, the summary or de-cluttered article may be shared, printed, or saved for reading later via Evernote or Pocket.

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