Find Copyright-Friendly Media with SpinXpress

Learners need options for sharing what they learn and for showing what they know, think and feel. This is a fundamental principle of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). So, the range of possibilities for creating multimedia presentations in our digital era is invaluable. It helps that there is also an immense wealth of media available online that learners can use in their presentations.

It’s important, however, that children learn to treat intellectual property with respect. I believe ethical use of intellectual property must be taught and modeled consistently. Much of the media that’s online is not available for learners to use in their  multimedia projects because the copyright holders, the owners of the material, have not given permission. It is protected by copyright.

Fortunately, there is more than enough media that learners are free to use, because the authors want to share their work. All educators owe it to themselves, and to the learners they support, to become familiar with Creative Commons licensing, and the vast range of Creative Commons media that’s available.

SpinXpress offers a helpful online resource for locating “copyright friendly” media. The SpinXpress search tool finds images, audio, and video for embedding on websites or for use in multimedia projects.

The SpinXpress user interface is straightforward, and makes it convenient to customize searching–by media, by type of license for re-use, or by where online you wish to search. Another helpful feature is a preview option for checking out search results.

The ‘Get Media’ feature is part of a larger platform for creating and publishing work by SpinXprSess. Their search tool is available to anyone, and it is exceptional.

Note: SpinXpress offers a simple version of its search bar that can be embedded on your own site. Search results yield all types of Creative Commons media. These search results show up on the SpinXpress site, where you can customize the search. I’ve embedded the simple search bar below, so you can give it a try if you wish.

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