Math Paper is an Excellent Solution for Doing Math on an iPad–an App for ALL Learners

My blog is about free and “low cost” resources. This post reviews an app that I wouldn’t normally consider to be low cost at $19.99. I’m making an exception because I want to help get the word out about an exceptional iPad app that has just been released by Panther Technology. For anyone who needs it, and who can afford it, this tool is well worth the $20.

Math Paper is by far the best option I’ve seen for doing math work on the iPad! Math Paper won’t do calculations or graphs, but it provides all the tools needed to do everything from basic computation to complex algebra. Math Paper has been developed with the principles of UDL in mind, so it’s a tool that can be used effectively and independently by anyone, including individuals with motor challenges or cognitive processing issues. Accessibility and ease of use have been addressed successfully.

The developer promises that Math Paper will soon work with VoiceOver, and that the ability to scan is also in the works. Everything about this app suggests that it has been designed with switch users and scanning in mind. Here are the accessibility features that are already functional.

  • Hold Times adjusts the time a button must be pressed before it activates. This is to help avoid miss-hits for users with fine motor challenges.
  • Accessible Controls offers easy access to settings, file management, and other app functions.
  • Predictive Cursor automatically moves the cursor to where it is likely to be needed next.
  • Baseline Navigation allows the user to navigate a page by touching only near the bottom of the grid.
  • Keyboard Sounds provide audio feedback.

Math Paper is built around the 5 keyboards shown below. In order, these are the Main, Basic Functions, Advanced Functions,  More, and Fractions keyboards; and these give a pretty good idea of what Math Paper will do.

One thought on “Math Paper is an Excellent Solution for Doing Math on an iPad–an App for ALL Learners

  1. I love this application…now I need them to make it accessible in a PC version for students who need alternative access.

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