Handwrite, a New Way to Search on Google!

This week Google has added a new way to enter search terms on mobile devices. I’m adding my perspective here to what many other bloggers have already written about it.  Any additional option for entering text can only be a good thing, especially for anyone who finds other available options challenging.

Handwrite is available on any mobile device with a touch screen that is running at least iOS5, Android 2.3, or Android 4.0. To use it, you need to enable it in Google’s search settings. Once enabled, there will be a ‘g’ in the lower right corner of the screen. Tapping this button then turns the handwrite feature on and off.

When handwrite is turned on, you can use your finger to write a search term anywhere on the screen. Google says handwrite is in beta, and that it works best in the Chrome browser on an Android device. I find that it works quite well on my iPad. When used in conjunction with the built in word completion feature of a Google search, many terms don’t need to be written out in full.

Here’s a video from Google that demonstrates what can be done with ‘handwrite’

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