This is Our Planet! Amazing Video by 18 Year Old Tomislav Safundzic

Last evening, as I was flipping through Flipboard on my iPad, and catching up with technology news, I discovered a video that took my breath away. Thank you, Stan Schroeder, for sharing it on Mashable! Tomislav Safundzic is an 18 year old Croatian who has created a magnificent work of digital art. He has stitched together a series of time lapse video clips from the International Space Station into a spectacular view of Planet Earth.

I don’t know how well Tomislav has done in his schooling career. I do know that he has learned impressive and worthwhile 21st Century skills somewhere. I’d like to think that Tomislav learned at least some of them at school. I believe these digital skills are as important as any of the other traditional academic subjects taught in schools, probably more important.

Every learner today deserves the opportunity to learn, refine and practice the skills needed to express himself or herself effectively in a variety of digital media!

Here’s what Tomislav put together. Enjoy!

This is Our Planet from Tomislav Safundžić on Vimeo.

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