Mobile Devices As Powerful Assistive Technology for ALL

Mobile devices have made a huge impact on countless areas of our lives in a remarkably short span of time. This is certainly true for people who require “assistive technology”. I think of assistive technology as “…any technology that improves the functional ability of anyone who needs it.” By this definition, we all benefit from assistive technology of one sort or another!

I work with many learners who face major challenges with reading and/or writing. Almost all of these individuals benefit from the opportunity to use digital technologies that improve their functional ability to read and write. A rapidly growing number of these learners are expressing a strong preference for the tools that are now available on hand held devices.

When compared with laptops, mobile devices are seen by many learners of all ages as less intrusive, more intuitive to use, and far more economical when it comes to purchasing the apps that facilitate reading and/or writing. The choice of tools available on mobile devices is another major positive. There are often numerous available alternatives to choose from.

Mobile devices offer an ever expanding range of possibilities for individuals who require more specialized assistive technology as well. Here’s a video that powerfully illustrates some of these possiblities.

This post was inspired by this one by Cliff Mims.
photo credit: libraryman via photo pin cc


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