Engaging Inspiration for Art Learners and their Teachers from Fugleflicks and Tricia Fuglestad

This week I happened upon a helpful podcast by the aRTs Roundtable at EdReach. The podcast shared websites, apps, and implementation tips to support art and music learning. The ‘aRTs Roundtable’ consists of elementary music educator Carol Broos, primary music teacher and district tech integrator Brenda Muench, elementary music teacher Jennifer Kolzee, and K-5 art teacher Tricia Fuglestad.

It was great to meet up with Tricia Fuglestad again. It’s been several years since I first “met” Tricia. I think that was at Teachertube, when Teachertube was very new, where Tticia had posted videos that caught my eye. Since then, we’ve connected a few times at other online venues, most recently on Twitter.

As I’ve written here before, art classes were invariably painful for me when I was in elementary school. Then in my early years as an elementary teacher, I was sometimes expected to “teach” art. My students were generally good sports about our “projects”, but they didn’t learn much art from me! Things would have been different if Tricia had been my art teacher, or if I’d had the resources she now shares online to help me in my efforts as an art teacher!

Fugleflicks is a collection of  videos (currently totalling 153 hosted on Vimeo) that Tricia Fuglestad has created with her art students at Dryden Elementary School in Illinois.  The videos present art concepts, techniques, tools, and much more. Fugleflicks is accompanied by an index wiki that is presented visually and that organizes the videos under helpful headings.

Fugleflicks are engaging to say the least, with liberal use of music, humour and infectious enthusiasm. The children in Mrs. Fuglestad’s art classes are clearly engaged, and they’re learning about art in the context of meaningful opportunities for creating and sharing it.

Tricia offers more than Fugleflicks on the Dryden Art website, so it is rewarding to explore the site. Tricia has embraced the iPad and the interactive white board as vehicles for learning and teaching; and she shares examples, along with valuable practical insights into uses of digital technologies in the elementary art classroom.

Here are a couple of sample Fugleflicks that illustrate the art that is being learned and some uses of digital technology in the elementary art classroom.

Elementary Musical from Tricia Fuglestad on Vimeo.

Painting on iPads from Tricia Fuglestad on Vimeo.

One thought on “Engaging Inspiration for Art Learners and their Teachers from Fugleflicks and Tricia Fuglestad

  1. Thanks so much Paul for this amazing Fugleflicks review!
    I’m so glad we “meet” again:)

    So sorry to hear elementary art was a painful experience. I’m honored to hear you say it would have been different had you been in my class.
    That is always my hope because
    … life is too short for long faces!


    P.S. We are thrilled to hear that you caught our aRTs Roundtable Podcast. It’s so grass roots. We’re just a bunch of educators sitting in our separate homes chatting over artsed topics through skype.

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