WatchKnowLearn: an Exceptional Learning Resource for Educational Videos

Extra Special Learning Resource

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is often worth millions!

I wrote about WatchKnow in June of 2010. At that time, I described it as a quintessential UDL resource because it offers such extensive support for a universally designed learning environment. Since my earlier post, the site has changed its name to WatchKnowLearn, and it has grown. I believe it’s an extra special learning resource.

[This is the fifth in my series on Extra Special Learning Resources. Other digital resources covered in this series are listed and linked in the margin, just below the UDL links.]

The number of videos available online defies comprehension. 48 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube alone every minute! Even with the help of powerful search engines, finding the best educational videos can be akin to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. That’s where WatchKnowLearn provides an invaluable service that will only become better as it grows.

Currently more than 33,000 videos have been organized by WatchKnow Learn into more than 3000 categories, under 16 major headings. Videos can be searched by both category and targeted age range.

We have the opportunity to help enlarge and improve WatchKnowLearn. Educators are invited to add content and to become involved in reviewing, approving and categorizing. As each of us comes across excellent online video from various sources, we can ensure that the gems we find make their way into WatchKnowLearn.

Although there is no information about this on the site’s home page, there is a free WatchKnow iOS app for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. This is helpful because video viewing often seems to be particularly satisfying on a hand held device.

Here’s a gem I found on WatchKnowLearn. The Elephant’s Lullaby by Tom Knight is categorized under The Arts/Music/Music for Young Learners/Children’s Songs.

2 thoughts on “WatchKnowLearn: an Exceptional Learning Resource for Educational Videos

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  2. Paul, thanks so much for your mention. We hope the 35,000+ free, K-12 videos provide an important and relevant tool for our resource-starved teachers–that’s our vision for the website. We’re fortunate to have such great support both in terms of financial resources for the site and wonderful volunteers (i.e., wiki community members) who ensure the videos are useful for teachers and students. They make all the difference! Best, Joe (CEO,

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