Find Apps with Quixey – for iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac OSX and More

This afternoon, a school principal showed me the 15 Android-powered Toshiba tablets that her school district has purchased for her school. This principal is familiar with numerous apps for Apple’s iDevices, but she told me that she didn’t know quite where to start with Android apps. I referred her to Richard Byrne’s Android 4 Schools blog, and I was also able to tell her about a search engine that has been designed to search for apps that meet specific needs.

Quixey sums up the service they offer as follows…

Whether you’re searching for apps on your mobile device, browser, desktop or any other platform, we make sure you can always find the tools you need. We’ll find you apps for every activity and task imaginable. Just answer one question for us: What do you want to do?

As I’ve used Quixey, I have found it to do a pretty good job of accomplishing its intended purpose. It isn’t perfect, and you may need to cull through the listed apps to find something that will reaally work for you.  The image below shows the top four of more than one hundred search results that were returned when I entered the search term ‘text-to-speech for Android’. (If the image is too small for you to read, you can view an enlarged version by clicking on the image–at least if you are viewing this post on a computer.)

Hat-tip to Kerry Randle, SET-BC‘s provincial coordinator, for making me aware of Quixey.

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