PDFMYURL.COM — Turn web pages into PDF’s

Judy O’Connell pointed us to a truly valuable tool on heyjude the other day.


PDFMYURL can be an invaluable tool for anyone doing research online.  As its name suggests, this application turns web pages into pdf files.  This can be especially  helpful  in situations where web content is required when a person cannot be online.  Or, when someone wants to embed a web page on a wiki or blog.

Web pages can be turned into pdf files with virtual printers such as PDFCreator, but I think it’s slicker and quicker to use PDFMYURL, especially with the available bookmarklet that can be added to the browser’s Bookmarks Toolbar.

With the help of embedit.in, I’ve embedded an eSchool News article that I first turned into a pdf file with PDFMYURL.

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