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Richard Byrne has just written about an excellent source of free audio books.  I could just direct readers to Richard’s post, but I want this resource to be filed here on my blog.  I have noticed that new visitors sometimes spend an extended period of time combing through the blog looking for resources that may be of value to them.

This week, Richard directed his readers to my blog.  This is an opportunity for me to do the same for Richard’s Free Technology for Teachers.  Richard is a prolific blogger, normally putting up several posts a day.  He typically introduces a resource and then discusses potential educational applications for it.  Free Technology for Teachers has more than earned its three Edublog Awards, and I highly recommend subscribing to it!

AudioOwl 01

AudioOwl offers an extensive collection of high quality public domain audio books.   I believe that books in audio format are of tremendous value to all learners, not just learners with vision challenges!

The books on AudioOwl are helpfully organized by genre, including children and teen/young adult. You can browse by genre, or search the entire site by author, title, or key words.  A selected book can be “previewed” before deciding to download it.  In other words, you can listen to the reader.

AudioOwl offers two download options.  A book can be added to iTunes as a podcast.  Or, the book can be downloaded in a zipped folder that contains an MP3 file for each chapter, for use with any MP3 player.  It is worth noting that some of these files are quite large and require considerable download time.

I mentioned the high quality of the audio books from AudioOwl, and it really is excellent.  I previewed samples from a variety of genres, and in every instance the quality of both the reading and the recording was top notch.  This should come as no surprise because AudioOwl is making use of recordings from LibriVox, where each book is read by a volunteer.  You can read more about LibriVox HERE, in a post I wrote in September of 2007.

Clicking on the thumbnails below will show you the user interfaces of AudioOwl and you can see some of the many available features, including audio books in multiple languages, links to other resources about the work, and a brief summary of each book. Readers/listeners are encouraged to review and rate the audio books on AudioOwl.

AudioOwl 02 AudioOwl 03

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