Larry Ferlazzo recently posted a helpful list of The Best Online Sites for Photo Editing and Photo EffectsAs Larry indicated, there is now a virtual plethora of these online tools that can be used in the classroom for all manner of creative work.  I read Larry’s post just after discovering a tool that wasn’t on  his list.  I’ve spent a little time experimenting with this new-to-me online photo editor, and I quite like it.


Picture2Life is an online photo editor that offers three sets of functions with an impressive ability to customize within each.

  • image editing with an extensive range of both basic edits and photo effects
  • creation of collages from sets of images
  • creation of animations from sets of images

Photos may be uploaded from your computer or imported from online sites such as Flickr.  Because there are so many available editing choices, it takes a little time to become  familiar with the user interface.  Since it’s all intuitive, it isn’t difficult to figure out.

Uploaded and imported images, as well as edited work is stored in your own “Gallery” on Picture2Life.  You can also organize your work into collections.  Numerous sharing options are available.  The site is set up as a typical social network.  Work created on Picture2Life can be downloaded to your computer, or conveniently  embedded almost anywhere else on the net.  Images created in Picture2Life can even be auto-saved directly to Flickr, Facebook, or just anywhere else you might want.

I’ve embedded the results of my exploration below.  I made a simple animation with a set of photos I took of my 6 year old grandson Isaac as he followed instructions to build Lego on Christmas eve.  There’s a little basic editing I did on a portrait of myself.  The third example is a collage that I put together from some pictures I took at Niagara Falls during the last week of December.


Basic Editing with Photo Effect



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