AutoMotivator (Online Resource)

Thanks to Patricia Donaghy for sharing this one!  It’s a simple application, but it’s one that I think offers learners and their teachers an opportunity for some creative expression that they may wish to share.  I know that I’ve enjoyed trying it out.

AutoMotivator is an online application that has been designed so that anyone can use an image to quickly and easily create a simple poster.  You can upload an image from your computer, import one from elsewhere on the internet, or use an image that AutoMotivator makes available.  You then have the opportunity to give the poster a title and to add a block of text.  You also have the option of adjusting the colours.

Although formatting options are limited, the user interface couldn’t be easier, and registration is not required.  Once you’ve created a poster, you can save it to your computer, or to your Flickr or ImageShack account.  I had a bit of fun trying AutoMotivator out with a couple of the photos that they make available.   The two resulting “posters” are shown below, and they are now in my  Flickr collection.

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