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Self-directed professional development has never been easier or more fruitful than it is in our connected world! The internet provides educators with an amazing global platform for sharing with each other.  Earlier this week, Wesley Fryer, an Oklahoma educator shared a wonderful resource from Florida.  I recommend that you read Wes’s excellent post.  I just want to amplify the ripples that Wes created when he tossed his pebble into the pool.

Tech-Ease describes itself as “…your source for just in time answers for classroom technology questions”.  It is a resource that is well worth exploring and bookmarking by anyone using technology in the classroom.   Tech-Ease consists of sets of answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” about classroom use of  technology.  Information is clear, concise, well written and accompanied by helpful external links.

Tech-Ease is available separately for Mac and Windows.  For each platform, information is organized under the headings:  Internet; Hardware; E-Mail; Files & Sharing; Chat & Conferencing; Images; Classroom Practice.  For each platform, there are also sets of video and pdf tutorials.

Tech-Ease is just part of a much larger collection of resources from Florida’s Educational Technology Clearinghouse. There is a set of over 100 videos demonstrating exemplary classroom use of technology  with wireless laptops across the K-12 curriculum at No Strings Attached. Videos are organized by subject area and grade level.  Finally, screencasts and pdf tutorials are also available by subscription via iTunes.

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