New Design High School

This post is a significant departure from what I normally share on my blog. I’m not going to write about a free resource available on the net. Instead, I want to share a little inspiration. For a while, I’ve included a widget in the side-bar here that shows the last 5 videos I’ve added to my VodPod. That’s my somewhat eclectic collection of online video. For this post, I’ve decided to use my blog to share today’s video from Rocketboom.

New Design High appears to be a school where educators are implementing a bold vision that moves the context for learning beyond typical traditional boundaries. There is also evidence in the video to suggest that 21st century technology is being used appropriately and effectively to support learning and creativity. This is exactly as I believe technology ought to be used in all schools.

4 thoughts on “New Design High School

  1. Nice to see a school linking technology and student-centered pedagogy together. I’ll have to read more about what they are doing…

  2. I’m really glad you included this post on your blog. I hadn’t seen the video before. I’ll add it to my collection for high school. It’s so sad to see the cuts going on in schools. I saw that the Science Leadership Academy in Philly is going through a cut, too. It’s a shame to see schools trying so hard to up the graduation rates in their city and be faced with cuts. In the long run, $75,000 is really a small amount of money, but it will have a huge impact on this NYC school. Hopefully, they will be able to fund raise or find a corporate donor to help them meet the gap.


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