BBC Dance Mat Typing – Where Learning Keyboard Skills is Fun!

My colleague Jane Rondow will be sharing some of the resources I blog about at a workshop in Winnipeg next month. There are several resources that she would like to mention that I haven’t yet written about, so I’ll be trying to churn out a few over the next few days. The resource I’m sharing below is definitely worth a mention.


BBC Dance Mat Typing This is a free online introduction to touch typing that targets children aged 7 to 11. The multi-modal instruction (auditory, visual, tactile) is engaging, systematic and clear. With its wonderfully corny themes and music, even the drills seem like fun. The course is divided into 4 levels, and each level into 3 stages. There is a different exotic and eccentric “teacher” to guide the learner through each of the levels.

As this is a resource from the BBC, there is no advertising on the site. If desired, there is a full screen mode for all of the activities. Although it isn’t nearly so engaging, there is also a non-flash version available. This is one of the best touch typing programs I’ve discovered to date. I’m a wee bit older than 11, but I’ve spent more time than necessary trying out some of the activities because they were so much fun.

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