do2Learn (online resource)

The website I’m highlighting today says it offers “games, songs, communication cards, print resources and information for special needs”. This is great. Better still is the fact that resources designed and intended for learners with special needs are often valuable for learners without special needs designations. This reality is at the heart of UDL. In my view, Universal Design for Learning simply equates to good good classroom practice, where teachers make a conscious effort to support all the learners in their classrooms.


do2Learn is a website that offers an extensive set of resources designed specifically to support the learning of fundamental skills by individuals with special needs. This site offers products for sale, but it also provides a significant number of helpful teaching and learning resources that can be downloaded free of charge. There are also some free online activities that support learning.

Resources available for download include symbol sets to help learn and communicate about daily living skills, pictures and symbols for creating social stories, visual maps, practice guides for learning to print and write, a variety of step-by-step art activities, as well as sing-along songs and interactive games to help learn basic skills.

Do2Learn provides resources about disabilities for teachers and families. Of special note is the “FASD Toolbox for Teachers”. This is a collection of effective classroom strategies for supporting learners with fetal alcohol syndrome disorder.

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